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Ngrenehan Beach, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta

A. F. Benvenuto Thursday, November 22, 2012 ,
Who does not know the size of the waves of the Indian Ocean stretching along the south side of Indonesia. Java has a coastline of the south side of the long, stretching from the west to the east. The magnitude of the waves is the currency reversed its beautiful beaches. However, there is an interesting landscape, when the big waves could be slightly dijinakan by natural forms. Come to Ngrenehan coast, the south coast of the fierce waves just as the ripples of the lake area.
Ngrenehan Beach, is a beach in Gunung Kidul panati row in the south. The beach is unique, because it looks like omega or horseshoe horse on the inside. Big waves are blocked by a large rock into the castle ferociously pounding waves. Similar forms of coastal lagoons, locals used as a natural harbor. Many fishing boats resting here.
Ngrenehan, a beach that did not escape from the historical past to a paradise flakes falling from the sky. Land here is owned Radeh Fractures in Demak kingdom. It is said that this is where Raden Patah, the King Brawijaya V escape. Narrated, collapse of Majapahit, Demak attacked by the political turbulence of the past. Raden Patah’s father wanted to Islam, because this is the difference faith discord.
Escape King Brawijaya ended up on the south coast with a second wife, the goddess Lowati and Bondang Surati. When searching for the father in this place, Raden Patah not find it, then invite the royal officials to search. Solicitation is used as the name of this beach, from the siren, which means (let-Java) is an invitation. Finally be Ngrenehan which means invitation.

Behind the historical past, this home is beautiful. Behind the fierce ocean waves south, there is the tenderness of the ocean and it's here. The calm waters, coral reefs and crystal clear water is suguhannya. No one if Raden Patah looking atahnya here, because the goddess of beauty and elegance Bondang Lowati Surati really feels behind perkasanya King Brawijaya.
Ngrenehan beach located east of the city of Yogyakarta. Precisely Kanigoro Village, District Saptosari, Gunungkidul. The beach is surrounded by limestone hills the appeal.
White sand beaches and sea water bluish green to make the atmosphere perfect. Moreover, here the waves are not too tight. So it really is perfect place to spend a holiday.
Here, we can see the activities of the fishermen and can even enjoy their catch of fish. In Côte Ngrenehan indeed provided a variety of restaurants that serve seafood, of course, all proceeds go to sea the fishermen on this coast. Do not ask me about the taste, because you'll be hooked.
Satisfied eat fish, it's time to buy souvenirs. Near the parking area, there is a fish auction site. The catch of fishermen, in addition to cooked and eaten immediately, was also a favorite souvenir for tourists.
If you get bored with the atmosphere of the beach, try to climb a limestone hill. There have incredible scenery presented to you.


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