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Grojogan Sewu Waterfalls, Tawangmangu

A. F. Benvenuto Wednesday, November 7, 2012 ,
Although located on the equator and the temperature is hot and humid, Indonesia is endowed with a lot of mountains that offers coolness. One is Tawangmangu, approximately 37 km east of Solo. Although located on the slopes of the mountain, this tourist area is one of the easiest to visit. Public bus transportation is almost all the time available to take tourists up to the main terminal. Overland travel for approximately 1.5 hours from Solo terminal is the main attraction. Beautiful view of rice on the left and right of the road ready to greet upon entering the territory Karanganyar.
Tawangmangu is a district around the slopes of Mount Lawu, Karanganyar regency, Central Java. The site is approximately 1.5 hours traveling in the east of Solo. In Tawangmangu actually met many tourist attractions such as temples Sukuh, Cetho temples, waterfalls jumog, etc.. However, the most visited and most popular is Grojogan Sewu Falls. Waterfalls Grojogan Sewu located in a forest tour is still beautiful and natural.
To enter this tourist area, you have to pay entrance fee of Rp 6,000, -. Counters entrance there are 2 pieces. The first is located at the top, while down the road to the first window, you can see the plants that are sold on the side of the road. You also can ride a horse to get to the counter if you're lazy to walk. You will also be a little surprised when there are monkeys on the side of the road. Meanwhile, the second door is located on the slopes below.
When you go through the first door at the top, you have to down the stairs a neat and bare rocks to get to the waterfall. Stairs by the hundreds, perhaps can make your feet sore. To solve this problem, the manager provides gazebo at some point, so you can take a break. Within this area, there is a long-tailed monkeys living freely, so do not be surprised if you would see him on his way. The numbers are quite a lot, but you do not have to be afraid because the monkeys here generally will not bother.
Grojogan Sewu itself means a thousand waterfalls. Indeed, the waterfall here does not amount to a thousand, but there are some points waterfalls that you can enjoy here. The highest waterfall was about 80 feet tall. There is also a waterfall that is not too high but The shower extends to form branches. When the rainy season, around the waterfall cliff will be caught, but during the summer, many waterfalls are dry. Pegunjung who want to approach the falls, be careful because they have to pass through large rocks are slippery.
After enjoying the falls, you can walk around to enjoy the cool jungle tours. With an area of ​​20 hectares, this area provides a swimming pool for children and adults. There are also stalls selling food at affordable prices. The other side is a forest of pine and other trees hundreds of years old. Neat paths and rocky can make you more enjoy the scenery beautifully presented.


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