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Batujai Dams, Praya, Lombok

A. F. Benvenuto Tuesday, October 30, 2012 ,
The Batujai reservoir was built in the time Penujak flowing from slopes Kundo and empties into the Straits of Lombok with a length of 54 km and the whole river basin area of ​​550 km2 river. This Penujak time streamflow characteristics have a large enough difference between the wet and dry seasons. In the rainy season the average monthly discharge can reach tens of cubic meters per second that is wasted potential into the sea, while in the dry season the average monthly discharge can reach 0.1 m3 and even less.
With that condition, it was made reservoir that can hold excess water potential in the rainy season for use during the dry season.
Southern part of the island of Lombok is often the unfortunate lack of food is a less water. This is partly due to the small rain down in this area (less than 1500 mm / year) and often rains in season penghujanpun erratic, causing crop failure in rainfed rice. In addition to the topography unfavorable result very few rivers that flow into this area.
History of Reservoir Batujai, like most irrigation development on the island of Lombok, was first studied by Consultant Canada in June 1974 through the Lombok Island Water Resources Development. Potential reservoirs are large enough acted on by the Parent Project Executing Agency Multipurpose times Brantas in 1975 - 1977 to be held the feasibility study and detailed design, followed by construction of reservoirs from the year 1977 to 1982.
Functions and Benefits
1.       Irrigation
Originally provide water for irrigation in agricultural areas Penujak, Setanggor, Darek, Ungga, Ranggagata, and about Praya District of West Central Lombok regency area of ​​3350 ha of rainfed previous form.
With the development of the environment around the dam and land use changes in the benefits of the dam upstream to irrigate the fields is increasingly a day to decrease the area of ​​2426 ha, caused by high sediment entering the reservoir (during operation ± 27 years).
2.       Flood Control
With the reservoir can be set from a flood peak discharge of 1,332 m3/sec ie to 764 m3/sec (to reduce the flood of 568 m3) that caused greater avoidable / minimized.
3.       Inland Fisheries
To meet the daily needs of the local community also utilizes Batujai dam to maintain the area and catch fish, even a side livelihood as fishing and fishermen.
4.       Water Supply
Batujai dam also serves to serve the needs of local people and the raw water reservoir
5.       Tourism
6.       Developing a Micro Hydro Power Plant
With the potential of an existing discharge, before applied to the first phase of the irrigated area is used first for microhydro power plant with an installed power of 150 KW (maximum). This power is used to pump water in the reservoir to irrigate the fields measuring 650 hectares in the village looking up sky.
Dams Location
Batujai Reservoir is located in the village administration Batujai, West Praya, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province. The main river is the river Penujak Batujai reservoirs, which flows from the foot of the mountain, heading south towards the city Kendo Praya and tributaries of the reservoir Batujai ± 3 km towards the south of the town of Praya.


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