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Siung Beach, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta

A. F. Benvenuto Friday, October 26, 2012 ,
"Charm cliffs at Siung that eventually crowned Siung attraction as a tourist area of special interest climbing, symbolically identified with the stage called Pondok Climbers"

A.   Overview
Traveled to Yogyakarta feels incomplete if not visit a row of beach located on the southern coast. Parangtritis usually be one of the beaches visited by tourists. Because in addition to easily accessible, the beach is relatively close to the center of Yogyakarta. However, for those of you who are too often to Parangtritis so want to find a new beach objects, you try to go to the South Mountain area. Counties located in the southern part of Yogyakarta limestone mountains holds a decent beach beauty thumbs up.
Dozens of beaches stretching from west to east, to the border of Wonogiri, Central Java Province. Of the dozens of beaches there, the average condition is natural and has not been touched by the act of ignorant human hands. Some beaches like Baron, Kukup, Sundak and Krakal is already widely known by tourists for a long time. However, as Sadranan beaches, Along, Wediombo, Ngrenehan, still seems strange in the ears tourists, but the beaches are much more beautiful than panoramic beaches previously mentioned.
One beach that holds the potential of nature is remarkable is Siung. Although the beach among tourists is not as famous as beach Baron, but for the sport of rock climbing enthusiasts, the beach is a must visit tourist destination. The beach is located in District Tepus and is nearly 100 km from Yogyakarta offers the charm of climbing with a bonus view of the sea. The natural beauty of the south coast and the typical adventure integrated into one and all of them can be found on this beach. Therefore, many climbers who come to try to conquer the cliffs on the coast. Not only the local and national climber, climbers from overseas are also many who came.
Before known as arena rock climbing, Siung simply a rundown beach, difficult to reach, and lonely. Therefore, no wonder if the beach is not widely known. However, since it opened as a climbing area in 2000, one by one the travelers started going to this beach. Having unveiled by the government in September 2005 as a DIY special interest area rock climbing, Siung began to clean and beautify themselves. Siung name became more famous after being used as a location for Asean Climbing Gathering 2005 which was followed by 250 climbers from 6 countries (Singapore, Germany, France, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia).
Currently, Siung already visited by tourists, especially on holidays and weekends. Community Mapala (Student Nature Lovers) from various colleges and climbers from FPTI (Cliff Climbers Forum Indonesia) also took turns climbing training and exercises in the region on Saturday and Sunday.
B.   Features
Mounds of limestone hills covered with oak would be a separate scenery along the way. Roads are steep and winding asphalt to be the first challenge to be conquered before you get Siung. However, all the fatigue you will pay off when you set foot on the white sandy beach. Exposure to the sea breeze and the sound of waves crashing on the shoreline capable paved turmoil. Everything vanished tired and restless.
On the beach that is wide enough, you can do a variety of activities, from playing the surf and sand, fishing, or playing beach volleyball. The condition of the beach is not too crowded even tend to slack as if making you the sole owner of this beach. You do not need to scramble for a play area or take pictures, because there are many places on the field this beach you can explore further. If the sun was high, you can take shelter under trees, or in a small hut on the beach. Enjoy a lunch at tingkahi the wind and the waves would certainly be a pleasant experience. You do not bring lunch do not have to worry, because in the area there Siung menyedikan diner seafood menu with relatively lopsided.
After playing on the beach, you can go up to a row of towering karst cliffs firmly on the west coast. Cliffs is commonly used by climbers when climbing activity. In between these karst cliffs, there is a field that can be used as a camping spot and a place lit a bonfire. From the height of the cliff, you can see Siung intact from end to end, it was a beautiful sight.
Cliffs at Siung This is a paradise for climbers. In this area there are about 250 climbing routes with grade (degree of difficulty) and varying characteristics. Therefore, no wonder if many people call Siung as "the best rock climbing site in Yogyakarta." If you're lucky, you can meet with a group of climbers were climbing activities on this cliff. The climbers were usually like to share their ilmu.Sapalah, who knows you offered to climb one lane to another. In general, to climb the cliffs Siung takes stamina and courage high.
Best moment you can get in this Siung was during the afternoon. From the height of the cliff, you can see the change in color of the evening sky and the sun slowly dropped to disappear. This moment is the best moment to take a picture.
C.   Location
Siung located in the hamlet of Wates, Purwodadi Village, District Tepus, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
D.   Access
The easiest access to the beach which is about 98 km from the city of Yogyakarta is the main route through Yogyakarta - Wonosari - Tepus - Purwodadi - Siung. For those of you who do not bring a personal vehicle, you can begin the journey from Terminal Giwangan Yogyakarta. From the terminal, you can take a bus majors Jogja - Wonosari. After getting off at the terminal Wonosari, you simply replace public transport serving line Wonosari - Tepus. Public transit serves only way to Tepus terminal. From the terminal Tepus, you can continue the journey using a rented motorcycle. In addition, there are other routes that you can choose. From the terminal Wonosari, you can ride public transport serving the village Jepitu trip. You then get off at the junction and continue on Siung use a motorcycle taxi to arrive at the beach.
If you are planning to visit this beach in groups, you better rent a small car from a terminal with a capacity of 6-10 passengers Wonosari. You do not need bergonta vehicle again, because the rental car is going straight to Siung. As for you who bring personal vehicles of course much easier. You can choose the route of Yogyakarta - Patuk - Wonosari - Tepus or Yogyakarta - Imogiri - Bake - Wonosari - Tepus. Both routes have landscapes that are equally beautiful.
E.   Accommodations and Other Facilities
Given Siung location away from the city center, it's normal that there are facilities in the coastal area is just standard amenities such as a large parking area, public restrooms, as well as stalls selling food and soft drinks. In addition, there are also stalls that offer seafood menu. You are guaranteed not to be disappointed with the menu offered, because the fish is cooked fresh fish catch of the fishermen.
You are looking for a hotel to stay for sure will be a bit disappointed, because Siung and the nearby area no hotel. However, you need not worry, this beach hut climbers are shaped house on stilts. You can use the cottage climber capacity of 12-15 people to stay overnight. If you want to be more integrated with nature, you better bring a tent and camp in the camping ground is behind the coral cliffs.


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