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Parangtritis Beach, Yogyakarta

A. F. Benvenuto Wednesday, October 24, 2012 ,
Parangtritis is a well-known attraction in Yogyakarta in addition to other objects such as Samas beach, Baron, Kukup, Krakal and Glagah. Parangtritis has a unique landscape that is not found in other attractions besides the big waves are also the mountains of sand around the beach, which is usually called dunes. This attraction has been managed by the district government Bantul pretty well, ranging from lodging facilities and markets selling souvenirs Parangtritis.

In Parangtritis there are also ATV, horse-drawn carriage and horses can be rented for up the coast from east to west. Besides Parangtritis also a place for air sports / aeromodeling.

History Parangtritis name can be fairly interesting. That said, there is an escape from the kingdom of Majapahit named Dipokusumo are doing meditation in the region. While I was meditating, he saw water dripping (Tumaritis) from rock crevices (machete). Then he gave the name of the area Parangtritis which means the water that drips from the rock.

Parangtritis believed to be a manifestation of the unity of trinity consisting of Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta palace, and Parangtritis itself. Local people believe Parangtritis is part of the territory of South Queen or known by the name of Nyai Roro Kidul. According to them, Nyai Roro Kidul like the color green, so tourists visiting Parangtritis advised not to wear green clothes. Besides loaded with mysteries Nyai Roro Kidul Parangtritis also narrated as a meeting place by Sunan Kalijaga Panembahan Senopati Panembahan Senopati shortly after finishing the hermitage. As well as a place of recreation, Parangtritis is also a sacred place. Many visitors who come to meditate. This beach is one place to do Labuhan ceremony of Sultan of Jogjakarta.

Parangtritis is an enchanting sloping beach and combined with rocky hills, dunes, the sand is black. Parangtritis beautiful has a lot of interesting phenomena, both natural scenery and supernatural stories. Parangtritis waves always bring wood and bamboo into land that may come from other nearby beaches. Some of the wood was taken and brought by local residents for later use in their own homes. Parangtritis is also a tourist area that is perfect for enjoying the sunset (sunset) is very romantic.

Which includes the tourist complex Parangtritis include: Parangtritis, Parangkusumo Beach, Depok Beach Highlands Gembirowati, Petilasan Parangkusumo, Baths Parangwedang, Tomb of Sheikh Maulana Maghreb, Sheikh Bela Belu Cemetery, Tomb Ki Ageng Selohening, Fish Auction Place (TPI) Depok and Gumuk Sand (barchan). In Parangkusumo are swimming baths (sulfur), which is believed to cure various diseases in. The pool is discovered and maintained by the lane VII. The existence of complex craft shells, an international standard hotel (Queen of South), as well as paragliding rentals, travel carts, horses, and motorcycles ATV (All-terrain Vechile), the sellers also roasted corn and other snacks-traditional snacks in Parangtritis participate enliven tourism region.

You can also slightly up to a small hill located on the north side Parangtritis. There are many available small stalls that offer stunning beach views from the top of the hill. While enjoying a coconut and a typical light snack, you can feel a strong breeze blows while watching the scenery along the lines Parangtritis seen all of the top of the hill. If you want a more challenging terrain, you can also mengungjungi Parangndog Hill, which is located east Parangtritis, on the border between Bantul and Gunungkidul. In this Parangndog hill, there is a place devoted to the sport of paragliding and hang gliding. To reach the area terrain is quite heavy and challenging, but when he got up, all will pay off with a view of the ocean with no boundaries and no unobstructed, suitable as a place to wait for the sunset. In addition, you will also be greeted by a simple shop with a friendly greeting. There is also a motorcycle and a car parking space. By foot climb to the top among the limestone rocks, you will reach a place that used to take off hang gliding.

Location and Facilities
Parangtritis tourist area is located in the village of Parangtritis, District Kretek, Bantul, Jogjakarta, about 27 miles south of the city of Jogjakarta with a relatively flat so it is easy to achieve. From the direction of the city of Yogyakarta, there are two paths that can be traversed to reach the region. The first path is a straight line Jogjakarta - Road Parangtritis - Kretek - Parangtritis. This pathway is the main route used by tourists as well as the community at large. The second path is the path Jogjakarta - Imogiri - Siluk - Parangtritis. This path is more promising scenery but also much more beautiful and stunning. All the way up and down the hill (do not worry because the road is wide and smooth paved) your eyes will be spoiled with a vast verdant paddy fields, the river that flows beautifully, and a row of karst hills. From the top of the hill, you can see the view of the trees from the verdant hills beneath. Air is guaranteed so cool and fresh, especially if you go during the morning or late afternoon. You also will pass the location of the Tomb Kings Imogiri.

Facilities in the tourist area is already pretty full. Around the beach, there are many hotels and inns with different price range, including the hotel and inn located on a hill that offers a beautiful view of the beach. Around the coast, you can also find an assortment of souvenir shops and souvenirs typical of Jogjakarta (Bantul), grocery stores, and food stalls. Especially with regard to food, you should not miss in Depok Beach culinary tour that provides fish and other fresh seafood, immediately bought and cooked on the premises, with a selection of very tasty seasoning. You can buy various types of fish, shrimp, squid, or crab at the Fish Auction Place (TPI) Depok and hiring cook (which also provides a place to eat Lesbian, rice, sauce, vegetables, and a variety of drinks including fresh coconut) in the stalls that lined the beach Depok. Eating fresh seafood and fresh from the kitchen accompanied by a young coconut while watching the ocean view is truly a memorable experience. And do not worry about the price, because the price of fresh seafood and steady in Depok Beach is relatively inexpensive and affordable. Depok Beach there is also a traditional market that sells a wide range of typical beach snacks, such as fried fish, fried-retreat retreat, dent fish, and so on. Also available here salad (fresh fruits with spicy sweet flavor) with a very affordable price.

Parangtritis tourist area also provides ample parking space and rental bathroom. While on the beach you can rent a carriage (the carriage), motorcycle ATV, horse, and paragliding are very challenging adrenaline. Take pictures in the sand dunes make as if you take pictures in the desert in Africa, it's no wonder the place is often used for prewedding photos. You are advised not to swim too deep, because the waves Parangtritis quite dangerous.


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