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Selong Belanak Beach, Praya, Lombok

A. F. Benvenuto Wednesday, October 24, 2012 ,
Coastal beaches Selong Belanak is rarely visited by tourists despite being in an area not far from the city of Mataram Selong Belanak precisely in the Village, District Praya, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Unlike the beaches of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air are often full swing, Selong Belanak otherwise. The beach was deserted and was in a bay, but its beauty is not lost with Kuta and Senggigi Beach. Fine white sand. It may even be the most subtle compared to other beaches in Lombok.

Walk barefoot, you'll feel how the white sand Selong Belanak highly maintained continuity. Along the beach in the afternoon while playing on his lips that clean water is a pleasure in itself. The waves are gentle because Selong Belanak in the bay, the wind is not too strong breezy. Silence made as if the beach is your beach. Only a few fishermen who are the citizens who Selong Belanak forth. You are free to play as much. For hunter photos, landscapes Selong Belanak you must capture. Its beautiful sunset with orange skies clean. Truly a paradise in Central Lombok. It does not hurt also to climb the hill before going to the beach. You will get a panoramic view of the beach Selong Belanak beautiful hill top.

Yes, the beauty of the beach Selong Belanak donated helped not only by the blue sea and white sand, but the cluster of green hill. The combination of green, white and blue beauty is what makes Selong Belanak complete. No wonder so many say played water Selong Belanak not enough if only 1 or 2 hours. You'll want to linger on this hidden beach.

Selong Belanak sand beach has a different to the other beaches in the south of Lombok. Generally the beaches in the south of Lombok has a distinctive sand, white sand that is shaped like a pepper.But that's not Selong Belanak Beach. This beach offers fine white sand, and when integrated with sea water, white sand is becoming harder. For it is no wonder we see or could see several vehicles speeding on the lips shores.Beaches Selong Belanak must-see if you visit Lombok.

The clear sea water, a sloping beach, which extends the shore, and the cluster of towering green hills around him the perfect painting. Besides sand can harden, Selong Belanak also has two kinds of waves, which is on the left presents a calm waves and on the right of presenting the waves were a bit high. Therefore, on the right side is often used as a surfing spot, especially by foreign tourists.

Not only the beauty of the beach, we can also Selong Belanak culinary. We can enjoy the sea catches residents in the form of grilled fish are sold by mothers of local fishermen on the beach. Typically, these mothers are still selling fresh tuna. Quite a spend of only Rp 4,000 you can enjoy a grilled tuna skewers with chilli typical. Beaches Selong Belanak also have started to clean up, usually every weekend this beach will be crowded by local tourists. To that end, every weekend we charged in beach and parking of vehicles. Unlike when we visit on a typical day are only exposed to levy parking only.

Route Selong Belanak from Mataram city center is easy and of course with full road hot mix. Just about 60 kilometers by passing Gerung, by pass Lombok International Airport. Next, turn right at the intersection Batujai. After meeting the T-junction, take a right, straight through the village Bonder, Mangkung village and arrived at the village of Selong Belanak. Before arriving at the gates of Nature Selong Belanak, there is a T-junction, take a left and straight. From there we'll find a road to decline. From down the street we could see spectacular Selong Belanak of height. you know. After passing this instance we meet again with the fork, now from this junction turn right and came in front of the beautiful, beach Selong Belanak!

Visitors usually do not stay Selong Belanak. They come in the morning or afternoon to sunset arrived. Because of the lack of inns and hotels, tourists would rather choose to stay in the center to be more flexible while visiting some of the other sights. If you choose to stay in Mataram, some hotel choices that you can live is Puri Asri Hotel, Bidari Hotel, or Graha Ayu Hotel.


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