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World of Warcraft (WoW) - Top 5 Pets

A. F. Benvenuto Friday, July 30, 2010
Some say World of Warcraft (WOW) 'pets are simply status symbols and don't do anything other than exist and look cool' and the only place WOW Pets are useful is in 'mechanical combat situations'. That might be true but WOW pets and acquiring rare WOW pets is one of the many fun and exciting layers of playing WOW!
The most popular WOW pets are:

  1. Spider - You can find Spiders almost everywhere in WOW. They're plentiful and available. Spiders can be taught to Cower, Growl, and Bite but Spiders don't have any special skills. That's probably why Spiders aren't all that popular with Hunters. But Spiders have a high (7%) damage output and they don't get any penalty for health or armor so that means that Spiders have one of the highest WOW pet bonus totals.
  2. Ravager - Ravagers are very popular among WOW hunters. Ravagers can be taught Cower, Growl, Bite, Dash, and Gore skills. They have +10% damage and +5% armor. But they do have very low health (-7%).
  3. Owl - Owl is another WOW pet that WOW hunters aren't particularly crazy about. Owls have +7% damage and average health and armor but Owls also have large wings. Hunters say that those large wings get in the way of targeting. Owls can learn Claw, Cower, Growl, Dive, as well as the unique Owl Screech skill.
  4. Bat - WOW Bats are very similar to WOW Owls in that they have the same skills; Claw, Cower, Growl and Dive. But Bats do not have the Owl Screech skill and for that reason Bats are quite as not as popular as Owls. Bats have +7% damage and average health and armor. There are several different Bat species in WOW and they are found at different locations.
  5. Cats - Cats are arguably the most popular WOW pet. They have Bite, Growl, Cower, Claw, Dash, and Prowl skills that make them particularly popular among hunters. Cats have a high 10% damage and average armor but they have a low -2% health. 
Some players spend days and days of play time trying to get rare WOW pets. There are lots and lots of WOW pets available. There are pets that are simply companions but there are a multitude of other pets. Some WOW pets are common and are found many places. Other WOW pets are rare and are found in only a few places.


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