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Color Or Black And White Photography

A. F. Benvenuto Friday, July 30, 2010
Earlier people only offer for color photography as it is very easy to produce and also cheap. However there are many traditionalists who still like the black and white photograph. These days many photographers prefer the black and white photography. Photographers are discovering the power and magic of black and white images. People are now coming back to black and white photography as one can sense the reality that could be lost in the colored photos.

The revival of black and white photography was usual as it is simply beautiful. Print advertising revived the interest in the black and white photos. It is even popular with the brides who would like to add the classical and historical touch to their wedding photos. Photography classes are also using the techniques of black and white photography to teach the students about how the light affects the film.
In the earlier days people had no option available to them, so they simply ended up using the black and white. But now people can actually make a choice about their photographs. Most of the times, the choice of opting black and white or color depends on the personal choice. But we should keep in mind that there are certain subjects that could be taken good only in black and white and some can only be taken in colored. There are times where color can actually help to portray the beauty of your subject. For example capturing flowers, colorful butterflies etc.
You can use the black and white theme for the subjects where you find the color might become the distraction for the viewer. For example accident or war scenes would look more persuasive, compelling and quite less violent, as it would not show the color of the blood. By this way, black and white photographs communicate more emotion without making people disturbed. A black and white photograph has an emotional power. There is actually an emotional appeal which is difficult to express in words. Thus, it instantly gives an artistic look. So, if you want to develop the artistic photography portfolio and style, then include some black and white photos, which would help you to improve your work.


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