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Empty Calories, Dieing Metabolism & Your Never Ending Weight Struggles

A. F. Benvenuto Saturday, July 24, 2010 ,
Is your weight a constant struggle?
In this article I will explain the exact reason why.
Should you choose to believe me you will be greatly rewarded. Should you choose not to believe me I will make it well worth your time to change our mind.
Lets begin.
Your frustrating condition is easy to fix.
Sounds crazy... but it all boils down to just one thing. A "weak link" in your diet. It is so easy to fix that anyone can do it. And when this little diet flaw is fixed the results happen super fast. Pounds of stomach fat can melt away in just a few weeks. Your hips, butt and thighs will begin to appear noticeably thinner!

So what is this "diet flaw"?
It's the consumption of certain type of food science refers to as "empty calories". Or... Calories that have ZERO nutritional value.
All your excess body fat is caused... on some level... by eating these little fat-producing culprits.
Here's why. They mess up your body's hormonal functions, slow your metabolic efficiency and turn you into a fat magnet.
Now there are many forms of empty calories. They are mostly man-made food additives like refined sugar, refined carbs and artificial food colorings, flavorings and preservatives.
These things are found in such foods as...
-- Boxed cereals
-- Packaged Meats
-- Soda
-- White Bread
-- Dairy Products
And many many other common foods that you purchase at your grocery store.
Shockingly enough... almost every boxed and packaged item you have lining the shelves of your refrigerator and cabinets is most likely loaded with empty calories. All these grocery store foods are highly processed. It is very hard to avoid unless you shop at an organic foods store.
But you must do your best to avoid them.
The bottom line is really quite simple... either you strictly limit these empty calories from your diet... or you WILL most likely struggle with your weight for the rest of your life... period!
Most people naively believe that they are fat simply because the eat too much. In most cases, this is completely WRONG!
It's NOT the amount of food you're eating, it's the TYPE.
So even if you eat less... you will continue to struggle with your weight until you change the TYPE of food you eat. This means eating food without all the artificial chemicals added. You want to eat as much of an "organic" diet as possible.
So remember this... No diet. No amount of exercise. Nothing will allow you to get thin and healthy unless you eliminate the empty calories in your diet.
They are the cause.


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