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The Key To Massive Traffic Building? Its Online Viral Marketing!

A. F. Benvenuto Saturday, July 24, 2010
There are a number of different plans and strategies that are commonly employed to drive traffic to a website. Over the past few years, the concept of online viral marketing has emerged as one of the most popular. What is interesting about this is that the concept was not something devised or planned. Rather, it just sort of happened. The result of this has been the onset of an extremely inexpensive means of electronic word of mouth advertising that many entrepreneurs have procured great success from.

For those curious as to what online viral marketing involves, this is a method of advertising where the person crafting the advertising item is promoting the notion that those that receive it will forward it to others. The term viral essentially implies the material will spread like a contagious virus to others. While this is not the '˜nicest' description of the concept, it does effectively describe what it entails. A properly developed online viral marketing plan will spread through the internet rapidly when it is of the highest quality.
For example, if an entrepreneur was to craft and electronic newsletter that heralds the arrival of a particular product in an entertaining and informative manner, the recipients might be willing to pass it on. The odds of this will increase if the e-newsletter contained additional articles covering subject matter similar to the product or service being promoted. As most can surmise, the more valuable the e-newsletter is, the greater the odds that it will be circulated and forwarded. When the e-newsletter is employed to drive traffic to the site promoting the product or service, the sheer volume of visitors can be enormous.
In the above scenario, an e-newsletter is mentioned for illustrative purposes. There are, of course, many other promotional concepts that can be employed for an effective online viral marketing campaign. The key principles of viral marketing success, however, will not change from concept to concept.
Actually, a solid online viral marketing promotion can still be successful even if a product or service is not offered. Many of these viral marketing concepts are designed to drive traffic in support of affiliate marketing or pay per click ventures. In some instances, the end result could prove to be a highly lucrative one if the promotional strategy goes viral to a significant degree. As long as the traffic that the promotional strategy delivers is of a high volume, the plan will assuredly succeed.
Granted, it can be difficult to predict whether or not something will go viral. This does not mean, however, that it is difficult to stimulate a decent online viral marketing plan. As long as the promotional material has value, the potential for it to spread exists. This further creates the potential to enhance traffic to the underlying website. 
Some might become a little discouraged if their first few ventures in online viral marketing are not successful. Rather than become discouraged, it would be best to simply analyze what went wrong and make alterations in the next venture. This will aid in boosting traffic far more than lamenting over a past flawed venture.


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