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Cellphone Unlocking Gone Bad

A. F. Benvenuto Saturday, July 24, 2010 ,
When I decided that I wanted a smart phone, I knew that I wanted to get it unlocked. I wanted to be able to take full advantage of my phones capabilities, and I did not want to deal with the cell phone provider's unnecessary restrictions. After paying so much money for my phone, I did not want to pay too much money to get it unlocked. So, I just had the friend of a friend take care of it for me. That turned out to be a big mistake.

After I got my phone back, I thought that everything was fine. I was able to do what I wanted with my phone. Within a week though, my phone started acting really weird.
It started dropping calls, and it would not install new software properly. Eventually, it would not even recognize my SIM card. At this point, I could not make any calls at all. My phone would not even charge properly. I found out later that the guy that I had paid to unlock my phone had switched my phone's battery for a cheaper one.

Because I had gotten my phone unlocked I could not take it back to my cell phone provider for repair. Unlocking a phone invalidates your warranty. I was fine with that, and I was willing to take the risk. However, I did not know that my phone was going to start having problems immediately.

When my phone stopped working altogether, I had to purchase a new one. This time I had professionals unlock my phone. I was happy with the results, and my phone had no problems. Do not let someone try to unlock your phone unless you know for certain that they know what they are doing. I did that, and it turned out to be a huge mistake. An unlocked phone can be a valuable piece of equipment, but if someone unlocks your phone and it no longer works properly, it will basically be worthless. Do not make my same mistake. Leave the phone unlocking to the professionals.


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