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How To Find Products To Sell Online

A. F. Benvenuto Tuesday, July 27, 2010
If you would like to earn commissions working at home you can find thousands of products to sell on the internet. The advantage you have is you aren't responsible for shipping a product or for customer service, you just get paid a commission for sales you are responsible for.
Many household names such as Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy have affiliate programs. In some cases you have to join Commission Junction first, but this is free.

Amazon is one you can take advantage of, by having banners on your web site with your affiliate link embedded so you will get credit for any sales. Another thing you can do is check the bestseller lists to see what is getting the most buzz. Write an article reviewing a popular book, CD or whatever else you may wish, and have a link at the end which again would have your affiliate ID so you don't lose any potential sales.
One of the easiest ways to find products to sell on the internet is by using Clickbank. It offers thousands of digital products, and the commission rate is much higher as a general rule as well. Some products it's 75%. The reason for this is because when the customer purchases he or she can immediately download it, so there is no shipping and handling costs. In addition it's very appealing for the customer to know they don't have to wait.
It isn't necessary for you to have your own web site if you decide to use Clickbank, since the merchant provides you with theirs. Your job will just be to get traffic to the web site, so you will want to learn how to get targeted visitors who are looking for what you have to offer. This can be done with article writing, using free sites such as Hub pages, and a few other methods.
For anyone wanting to make money in sales without having to leave their home, or ship products, affiliate marketing is the way to go.


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