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Best Natural Remedies For Acne

A. F. Benvenuto Tuesday, July 27, 2010 ,
Acne has effects on many people, both young and old, meaning that interest in remedies and cures are on the rise. While it's true that there are several pharmaceutical remedies for acne, there are just as lots of natural remedies. Usually the natural remedies for acne are even better due to the fact they address your entire well being and boost general health. Drugs can have adverse effects and can sometimes make the condition worse. It's the acknowledgement of the beneficial properties that natural remedies have to offer which has witnessed the upsurge of natural extracts, supplements, and blends for acne.
Vitamin and Minerals
Natural remedies have vitamins and minerals that aid in the cure of acne. Vitamin C is a fantastic cure especially in combination with bio-flavonoids. To combat acne an antioxidant blend containing Vitamin A, C, E and the minerals zinc, selenium, lipoic acid, cysteine, lycopene, green tea, grape seed and bilberry can be used. All of the ingredients are natural and remedial. Zinc is a great mineral because it is anti-bacterial and if you have a deficiency of this mineral it may actually resulted in an outbreak of acne.

Fatty acid supplements of evening primrose oil, linseed, or fish oil blend can help in healing acne. Chromium mineral heals skin infections and natural supplements containing it, can help with healing acne scaring and control future outbreaks.
Vitamin A has actually been shown to stop acne. It does this by significantly reducing the production of sebum. Acne is formed when sebum builds up below the skin surface and gets infected with bacteria resulting in flare-ups. Vitamin A hence, by decreasing its production, limits acne breakouts. Vitamin A additionally fixes skin cells and is a powerful antioxidant that eliminates toxic compounds from the body. What all this means is that you should consume extra carrots for their beta-carotene, or take supplements.
Natural Topical Applications
Honey is a wonderful salve due to its gentleness and its disinfectant and healing properties. Sulfur based soaps can also help with acne. Wash your face only two times a day, don't be tempted to do it any more frequently in hopes it will help lessen acne. The opposite will happen since washing too much and too roughly will scar and strip your skin of essential natural oils ultimately causing even more sebum generation for compensation.
Sebum secretion is usually accelerated by picking and squeezing spots. Moreover, squeezing the spots, usually leads to rupturing of your skin structure, resulting in a spread of infection and acne, and more redness.
Certain plants, herbs, and even fruits can be used as salves, masks and in poultices. Strawberries' use for enhancing the complexion was uncovered by Egyptians. Dandelion, Lavender, tea tree oil, walnut leaf, witch hazel, and rosewater are also excellent antiseptics and astringents. Nonetheless, when consuming natural supplements and extracts it is recommended to consult a health specialist to prevent a toxic combinations and side effects. An excessive amount of a good thing might be damaging for you, so never over do natural remedies for acne.
When using natural remedies for acne, take everything in the right amount since over doing and over intake will not fasten the process of recovery.


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