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Treating High Blood Pressure - What You Need To Know To Live Longer

A. F. Benvenuto Saturday, July 24, 2010 ,
Treating high blood pressure should be a question of how not why right? Everyone knows that failing to treat a blood pressure problem can result in some very nasty, even fatal results. Then why do fully one third of the people who have been diagnosed with this disease do nothing?
Of the nearly 47 million Americans who know they have this condition, fully one third are not doing anything to control it. No medication, no changes in life style. It would appear that these people are taking a wait and see approach because other than the elevated blood pressure reading, they probably feel fine.
HBP is known as the silent killer because it has no outward symptoms. HBP builds up in your blood vessels over a period of time, usually years. But when it does announce itself it's usually with a catastrophic health event like stroke, blindness, kidney failure or congestive heart failure. You simply can't ignore this condition just because you feel fine right now.

And how tough is it to treat high blood pressure? It's just a matter of changing a few things you eat, getting some exercise, and trying to better manage your stress. You can lower pressure nearly 20 points in less than three weeks with simple lifestyle adjustments. It's fast, easy and efficient. Why wouldn't you want to get rid of the threat that could take your life or make you an invalid? If you were diagnosed with cancer you get on chemo right away right? HBP can kill you just as dead as cancer so why aren't you doing something about it?
If you are worried about either the side effects or the life long cost of blood pressure medication you shouldn't. It's true that these drugs can have some very adverse effects like chronic fatigue, light headedness, impotency and a constant urge to use the bathroom but odds are you can avoid their use altogether if you treat the condition naturally.
The American Heart Association recommends natural lowering of blood pressure and states that drugs are useful only when changes in diet and exercise don't work.
Treating HBP is simply living a healthier life. Reduction in bad foods, increased consumption of fresh good foods, weight loss, exercise and simply getting a good night's sleep can do wonders. You need to learn just how simple this process is and then make a plan to live by to not only control your pressure, but to cure it.
Every day that you ignore your condition is one day closer to disaster. Take action now.


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