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Toenail Fungus Remedies - Advice And Information

A. F. Benvenuto Sunday, July 25, 2010 ,
Having fungus growing on your toenails is very irritating. It is also difficult to get rid of, as it keeps on growing back. It will spread if left unattended, and therefore you should take action to remove it as soon as possible.

Several toenail fungus remedies are on the market promising good results. However, the fungus growth can be cured without needing to resort to a commercial product. There are home based remedies which are both cheap and simple. Therefore, for the first signs of fungus infection, a home treatment is worth a try. You can always resort to topical ointments, or consult a skin specialist, if it does not work out, so you really have nothing to lose.

The first thing you step you should take is to cut your nails. Cut them as low as possible without injuring your toes. This is necessary so as to remove any fungus that is on the surface of them. It also opens up the skin underneath for treatment.

Next, you need to get some vinegar. However, before you go on with the treatment, a word of advice. Vinegar has been used as one of the toenail fungus remedies for years, though it does not have the desired effect for everyone. There are types of the fungus which immune to vinegar and some fungus growth is too heavy to be affected by it but, for a first treatment, it is definitely worth trying.

You should fill a container with vinegar so as to be able to soak all of your nails. Do not leave any nails out, as some may have been infected but are still in the early stages of fungus growth, and as such no signs of infection would yet be visible. Soak your feet in the vinegar every day for two to three weeks for thirty minutes per session. You do not need to change the vinegar in the container every day, just every 5-7 days. An alternative approach is to use mouthwash instead of vinegar. It is cheaper to use vinegar, so you should try that first, but give mouthwash a try if vinegar does not have an effect on your fungal infection

There are also alternative natural methods of healing the infection. An example is the use of pure natural oils that have anti-fungal properties. The best known among these is tea tree oil, which can be used alone or mixed with other natural ingredients. Tea tree oil is also used as an ingredient in many commercial fungus removal products. It has a very potent effect on fungus, which has been found to be eleven times more than phenol. Other natural oils that are used as toenail fungus remedies include clove, jojoba and lemon grass oils.

For a severe case of fungal infection which home remedies prove ineffective against, you will have to resort to the toenail fungus remedies that are available commercially. They contain ingredients that are concentrated and powerful enough to penetrate through the skin, and kill the fungus at its root. 


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