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Tips For Adding Grape Kitchen Decor For Your Home

A. F. Benvenuto Saturday, July 24, 2010 ,
The kitchen is a popular spot for a decorating theme, whether you choose cheerful sunflowers or apples galore. One theme that has become quite popular in recent years is a grape kitchen decor, which lends itself to warm hues and can go from homey to elegant with ease. Grape kitchen decor can encompass a complete fruit ensemble or go Mediterranean, with a wine and grape style.
The colors are rich and accessory possibilities are nearly endless with the popularity of this style today. If you are considering "going grape" in your kitchen, we have some ideas to get you started.

Color Combinations
A grape kitchen decor is all about rich shades of plum and green, but you can also add accents of gold or taupe to provide an elegant back drop. In some cases, wall texturing is a popular finish for the walls in a soft gold or terracotta to pave the way for the Old World charm that is to come.
If a complete fruit theme is the direction you are taking, try a pale green on the walls to provide a soft backdrop for the grapes, apples and pears that will fill up the room. You can choose a color scheme that will be to your liking, whether you like deep, rich jewel tones in a grape and wine kitchen decor or soft pastels.
Other Wall Decor
Grape kitchen decor can begin with a wallpaper border of green vines and lush, purple fruit or dangling wine bottles and glasses. Another option is to cover one wall in bright, cheerful wallpaper that will tie into your grape kitchen decor.
If you prefer, add your own artistic flair with a stencil around the top of your walls or along the top of the backsplash. Prints of wine, grapes and fruit are easy to find, and come in all sizes, shapes and price ranges. Hang a few prints on the wall to warm up the space and add interest to the background.
Wrought iron looks lovely with grape kitchen decor, whether it is an ornate wine rack or a practical bakers rack in the corner. The black metal provides a nice contrast to the rich colors, and offers storage and organization possibilities to boot.
Try an oversized wire basket as the centerpiece of the table, and fill it with fruit or greenery for an inviting touch. Plants also work well with grape kitchen decor, whether it is a line of silk plant atop the cabinets, or a few African violets on a wrought iron stand in front of the window.
Keep in mind that themed rooms can lend themselves easily to overkill, so if you opt for grape themed dishes, you might want to keep the rest of the table neutral in coordinating linens and stemware in a single shade. By the same token, if you fill your walls with grape covered wallpaper, provide a break from the pattern with solid-colored window coverings and rugs.


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