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Simple And Effective Teeth Whitening

A. F. Benvenuto Friday, July 30, 2010 ,
Let us not try and over complicate things by technical jargon and learn the simple but effective way to whiten the teeth and most importantly adopt the best way to keep them white in the long term.

In the USA most Americans take great care of their teeth and have adopted teeth whitening as an everyday practise and the desire to maintain their beautiful looking teeth. However in the UK this is something that is starting to take effect but it nowhere as important as our American colleagues.

Having white and bright beautiful makes us look more attractive and healthy and once you have had your teeth whitened then it should be second nature to preserve the whiteness and look after them.

If you look at whitening the teeth as the same way as weight loss management it is an ongoing battle and needs constant attention. This is because the teeth are porous and therefore will get re-stained because of the colorants we have in foods and drinks.

There are several ways to whiten the teeth depending on what suits you and your bank balance. These include the whitening strips, bleaching trays or light based whitening systems. All will have their pros and cons.

Let us start with the strips as these are very popular in the USA and are making real inroads over here in the UK as people are importing them from the USA via the internet or sites like ebay. The strips work well and are quite powerful and effective at removing the surface staining on the teeth but with deeper staining are less effective as they are not strong enough to deep cleanse the enamel. They have to be fairly weak otherwise the gums will get sore and this will reduce peoples use of the strips

The next option is the bleaching trays or general moulds supplied home kits. The bleaching trays will be supplied by dentists who make an impression of the teeth and then send the resin mould to the labs to be made in to rubber fitting moulds which sit round the teeth perfectly. These trays are designed for you to sleep in them overnight and this is sometimes challenging as it changes the sleep pattern.

The other option is the weaker strength home kits which are supplied with universally moulded trays and a tube of gel which you use for around 30-60 minutes at a time to whiten the teeth. Like the strips these work quite well for outside staining but less effective on the deep stuff!

Laser or power whitening is a light based system which uses the light to whiten the gel which activates and whitens the teeth in around one hours treatment. This system is popular as it requires less time and hassle from people and in the UK several brands have cropped up to take advantage of customers seeking this method.

Whatever way you want to whiten the teeth it is always best to seek professional advise or see you dentist on what may work for you. 


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