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Scabies Epidemics In Schools And Society

A. F. Benvenuto Sunday, July 25, 2010 ,
Scabies is a common skin condition existing all over the world. It is contagious in nature and therefore can cause epidemics in crowded places such as orphanages or schools. Since most children are known to have a weak immune system, they are prone to acquiring the scabies parasites while coming in contact with the infested individuals.

Even though the conventional way to deal with this condition is to use the prescription medicines, however home treatments are also effective in giving complete relief to the itching caused by scabies.
The doctors usually prescribe the strong medications for scabies, which successfully eliminate the mites, but induce a lot of side effects. They can also cause some alarming health conditions such as cancer. It is best advised to seek natural scabies treatments before you use dangerous chemicals such as permethrin, this will save you from future skin problems that could ulimately be worse than scabies itself.

While using some home treatments for scabies, tea tree oil is highly important. The infested individual must take frequent baths in warm water with about 20 drops of tea tree oil. Apply tea tree oil on the affected parts with a cotton ball. In order to prevent re-infestation in children, it would be suggestive to wash all the linens and towels in hot water. The mites responsible for scabies can survive for three days without the human host. Therefore maintaining hygiene is of utmost importance here.

Children have a tendency to scratch the scabies infection. Such a way, the eggs of these mites would get trapped in between the nails and cause infestation. Children infested with scabies must wear gloves at all times for this mere reason.


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