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Examining Lcd And Plasma Television Differences

A. F. Benvenuto Friday, July 30, 2010 ,
Researching a new TV purchase is necessary before you go to buy one as there are so many types and technologies out there on the market. LCD and Plasma type TVs are the most popular on the market now. To choose between those you will need to make yourself familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of each, and know how you will use it. This information will give you an opportunity to make the best choice for your entertainment.
The LCD television has a liquid crystal display that ranges in sizes from five inches to as big as 65 inches or larger.
So you can purchase a smaller size LCD in order to put it in a smaller space, this isn't possible with the Plasmas, as they range from forty two inches up to larger than sixty five inches. Partially due to the bigger size, but also because of the way the technology works the Plasma will take more energy to run them per inch than the LCDs. Pricing on them has moved downward in the last few years along with there not being a big difference between the technologies.
Experts in technology will say that the plasma offers a higher quality picture than LCD televisions. This is due to the contrast ratio, as high as 40,000 to 1 on plasma, somewhat less than that on the LCD screens. This contrast ration will present very good black levels and very impressive white levels. It's harder for the LCD televisions to have this type of color accuracy because they make color by manipulating the light waves.
The LCD manufacturers are making good strides in this performance area by the addition of more color pixels, but the plasma still wins when you are comparing the color levels and the black levels. In addition the plasma presents better viewing from all angles, the LCDs have a little image deterioration when viewed from an extreme side view. But if you are going to use the television in a bright room then a LCD will be better as their screen is not as reflective as a plasma screen.
The Plasma and the LCD screens both will last about 20 years but that's using an assumption of someone utilizing it for eight hours each day. They both will show HDTV shows brilliantly and can provide great pictures for both DVDs and movies. The LCD usually can be used as a computer monitor also, choosing a screen capable of 1080hp will give the best picture. There are some Plasmas that can hook up to a computer but almost all of the LCDs have this capability. Airlines use the LCD screens because it has a better performance at high altitudes.


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