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Digital Cameras - A Developing Technology

A. F. Benvenuto Saturday, July 24, 2010 ,
The digital camera seems to be a piece of technology that we are all more than happy to invest in, but how much have they developed since their appearance and do these so called improvements help the end user. Digital cameras now range from small compact cameras that are ideal to take on a night out or to take on vacation for a few snaps through to high quality cameras that can be used for professional shoots, giving them an even broader overall appeal.

Fuzzy pictures are an issue no matter what kind of camera you use but with the original digital cameras because of their sensitivity, they seem to make things even more blurred around the edges. This issue is being corrected with the introduction of image stabilization technology which produces a crisp picture even with slight movement, however, this technology cannot stop blurring when the image is moving or if there is considerable movement from the camera itself.

Many cameras come with face detection technology which picks out the people and brings them to the foreground of the image which is great if that is what you are taking the picture of but what if you wanted to focus on another area of the picture? The problem with this technology is that it takes this kind of choice away from you.

One of the great developments of digital technology is that you can remove the red eye that has spolit many pictures up until this point. But thanks to the photo booths that you print your images on and the programmes that you can use on your computer, you can enhance the overall quality of colours or even photo shop your appearance to improve the way you look!

Additional Benefits of Going Digital
Many people like digital cameras because they can produce short films as well as take a picture, which gives them an additional element of fun and a broader dimension. Normally digital cameras have a limited recording time so would not be the right choice if you wanted to record your holiday in great detail.

One of the advantages of the digital camera is that you can store your images in several different places to ensure that you do not loose them and you can either print them at home on a specialist printer or you can take them into your local film shop where you can have them put onto a CD that can be easily uploaded on the web or social networking sites. Since this is an increasingly popular means of communication between friends many people choose to have a digital camera to make this easier.

It can be seen that the technology has got better but there are significant improvements that are still around to be made.


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