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Blush In Gold Coast With Dress Up Games

A. F. Benvenuto Saturday, July 24, 2010
We all know that dress up game for kids is making some clothes for their own paper dolls and Barbie dolls. For most young teens and adult, Dress Up Games is playing dolls online. It is more on the so called virtual dolls.
Dress Up Games have changed a lot. Its scope become more wide. Dress Up Games now is not only about changing clothes but it is now a complete package. In involves total make over like hair make over, nail polish and make up. I have share this total make over in one of my previous article.
In this article I will more tackle about putting some make up. I really believe that there are a lot of people who knows how to dress up but do not know how to put some make up. Some thinks that make up is not important but you know what putting some make up is necessary for a person to look more good, especially to a girl. To all the young girls, you should learn to add some color to your face. As what they say if you want to be more beautiful, you have to give a little more effort.

Make-Up for some is really hard, but if you know the basic steps, make up is easy as one, two, three.
Make-Up starts from choosing the right make up and color for you. You should know what color is suited to your skin and dress up. So now fret no more, I will share to you some Make-Up Lessons I learn from a very reliable source.
Let's start with your skin. First, you must determine if you are a warm tone; dark, olive, or yellow complected or cool tone; rosy, medium, or fair. Those who are a warm tone usually have golden brown, red, or strawberry blond hair and either hazel, medium brown or dark brown eyes. Those who are a cool tone usually have blond, brown, with exception of golden brown, or black hair and either blue, green, or hazel eyes.
To create a basic made-up face, you will need the following, foundation, concealer, translucent powder, blush or bronzer, eyeshadow, mascara, lipgloss or lipstick and brushes.

Make-up, Brush to Blush
In make up you should learn how combine multi-colored blush. Upon swirling a brush into the blush and tapping off excess, of course, all of the shades create a sheer wash of color that is oil free, and will work on all skin tones. Our favorite is the Gold Coast shade, with a coral, gold, and rosy nude color palette.

Dress Up Games
In Dress Up Games there is also make up. The players are responsible of the virtual dolls face. You are given the opportunity to make the doll look more good on her dress up. Dress up comes in different color, so the make up should coordinate to the a dolls whole appearance.
Dress up games make up is different because it makes your task easier You just have to choose and the thickness and being adjust already. But there are also make up games in dress up games that you are are the one adjusting the thickness of the make up. You are like a real make up artist with dress up games.


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