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The Benefits Of Latisse Treatment In New York

A. F. Benvenuto Tuesday, July 27, 2010 ,
There are a number of artificial options available in the market for making your eyelashes look longer. But there application is time consuming and temporary. Latisse is the only FDA approved drug for treating insufficient eye lashes, making them grow longer and fuller. The results will be visible to you within 4 to 6 weeks with maximum effects in about 16 weeks. Latisse in New York has become a highly sought after treatment trend among its citizens. Several survey reports show about the positive effects Latisse had among the citizens of New York. The city has many high profile clinics offering this treatment and they employ professional experts to guide you throughout the procedure.

The active agent in Latisse is bimatoprost which can make your eyelashes grow. It prolongs their growth phases and makes them grow in length and volume. It is also easy to use, with the help of specially designed applicators. Latisse solution is basically applied to the base of your eyelashes, once in a day. You can consult the doctors offering Latisse in New York to know if the treatment is suitable for you. Your medical history will be evaluated to know if you the right candidate for this treatment. People suffering from eye infections and irritated skin on the eyelids are not advised to undergo the procedure of Latisse. In New York, the people have happily accepted this treatment since they can do away with their artificial lashes and the use of glues. The clinics of this region also offer special discounts during certain occasions. Many also provide free consultations and trial sessions. Although side effects from the treatment are rare, a few cases of eye itching and eye redness have been reported. You can also use mascara on your eyelashes during treatment. It will not reduce the effect or increase the risks of Latisse.
You can contact the doctors online offering Latisse in New York. The reviews from the people who have undergone this treatment will also be of great help to you. A comprehensive online research will help you know more about this treatment.


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